The innovative coffee capsule and biodegradable

biodegradable capsule by vegecap

Vegecap is an innovative concept of Vegeplast: a capsule of coffee compatible with the Nespresso machines and 100 % vegetable, biosourced, made in France, home compost and biodegradable.

Vegecap is a responsible coffee capsule compatible with
Nespresso® machines. It is 100% vegetable, biosourced, made in France and home compostable.

100 %

made in france biosourced plant-based biodegradable home compost

This capsule is certified OK BIOBASED and OK COMPOST.

ok compost certification

Vegecap is also

aluminum free

oil free coffee


no plastic coffee

Bisphenol A free

without PLA

Made from Vegemat, Vegecap is the result of 10 years of know-how and innovation.

Our biosourced capsules are manufactured in a short circuit. All of its design, including research, raw material and manufacturing, is done in the same factory.

vegecap biodegradable nespresso capsule

Vegecap, an environmentally friendly capsule

Our Vegecap biodegradable capsules are made without GMOs or petroleum. Their raw material is of vegetable origin. The life span of a capsule is 2 years from the date of manufacture.

vegecap coffee capsules

Vegecap prevents oxygen from spoiling the coffee. This coffee capsule ensures an optimal conservation of the coffee during 12 months.
Your capsules can contain 13 ml of coffee.

Thanks to our multiple ranges of capsule colors and our different colors of
seals, the Vegecap is customizable according to your choice of ranges.

Where to dispose of Vegecap?

The complete biodegradation of Vegecap takes place in 26 weeks in a domestic compost. Made of vegetable matter, the capsule will help fertilize your soil. The Earth will thank you!

If you don't have home compost, you can throw Vegecap in your household waste garbage can or in an industrial compost.

What is the Vegecap made of?

The Vegecap is made of Vegemat, a 100% vegetable raw material, compostable and biodegradable, manufactured in France. Our innovative raw material Vegemat is composed only of biomaterials (biopolymers) and natural components (cereal flours) and contains no aluminum, petroleum or bisphenol A.

Vegemat is degradable in a few months or days, compared to several hundred years for aluminum. When it will degrade, this material will also contribute to fertilize your soil!

Vegemat is as biodegradable as wood and cardboard, and as easy to work with as plastic!

Some figures in France :

Aluminium capsules 

500 million

of Nespresso capsules sold each year

2,000 tons

of waste generated per year

6 tons

of waste generated per day

1 capsule

in 5 recycled

5,000 points

for the collection of Nespresso capsules

Bringing a solution to coffee capsule pollution

Nespresso coffee capsules are made of aluminum, a material that can be recycled ad infinitum... Yes, but aluminum waste takes several hundred years to disappear! 9 billion Nespresso capsules are sold each year in the world, which generates 40,000 tons of waste. However, we are not sufficiently informed about the possibilities of recycling these polluting capsules: only 20% of the capsules are recycled in France.

Vegecap has found the solution to this ecological disaster!
Capsules that are 100% biodegradable and compostable at home. So even those who don't have time to bring their capsules to collection points will have no excuse!

Who are our customers?

We sell Vegecap exclusively to roasters. We are continuously innovating to offer you the best 100% vegetable and compostable capsule at home. The Vegecap capsule is coming soon to your home!

Did you know-



The recycling of classic capsules is not environmentally friendly. The Vegecap capsule finally offers you an ecological alternative to the aluminum Nespresso capsule! By composting your coffee capsules at home, you participate in giving back to the Earth what it has given you.

To learn more, download our brochure (available soon).

To learn more, download our brochure


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